Hi there.

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I'm passionate about delivering exceptional user experiences.  As an Independent UX Research and Product Strategy Consultant, I help purpose-driven organizations understand their customers and translate that understanding into shipped, compelling products and services.

My specialty is in leveraging my diverse product background and UX research to identify emerging opportunities and customer segments, bridging an understanding of people's needs, business, and market.

I bring a unique perspective to UX research as I have a deep understanding of the full product development process and the teams and skill sets necessary to develop products over time.  Before becoming an independent consultant, I served in a range of Product and Design Leadership roles within large corporations and startups to create physical, web, and mobile products and services.  In these roles, I moved beyond identifying and validating product opportunity areas. I have: guided concepts from discovery through execution, taken products to market, gained product traction, established & built product teams, refined integrated product development process, and developed operational systems

My Specialties:

UX research & design; product-market fit; product strategy; product opportunity identification & definition; workshop facilitation; coaching.


As a trained designer and strategist with a MFA in Product Design from Stanford University and BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University, I have a deep understanding of human-centered design.

As a consultant, I’ve applied design principles and methodologies with a range of clients including The Sundance Institute, NBC UniversalTarget, Lowe's, Estee Lauder and Kimberly-Clark.  Leading UX Research, I've worked with International teams leveraging lean startup techniques as the Product Design Lead on Project Brillance at D-Rev: Design Revolution and working with Nuru International and Stanford’s d.school on project Fertiloo.

I leveraged my learnings from a broad range of organizational structures and business models to start my own company, Culture Kitchen, where I lead Product Development and served as the Chief Operating Officer.  Culture Kitchen has been written about in Fast Company, NPRTechcrunchBon Appetit and earned a spot in 500 Startups Summer Accelerator Class of 2011 and the The Designer Fund Inaugural Class.

As the Mobile Product Manager at Tastemade I helped take their first iOS app to market and establish a system for continually gathering user feedback to inform the product roadmap. 

As an Associate Director and Head of Design at Pivotal Labs Los Angeles, I established and built a Product Design team and expanded Pivotal Labs' existing Engineering offering to include Product discovery and framing.

Most recently, I served as the Head of Product at FreshRealm where I established agile teams within business units, built a Product team, and helped the organization strategically evolve it's product offering.

I am honored to have been invited to show and speak about my work on occasion.  Here's an overview.