Jaundice is the #1 reason newborns are admitted to hospitals worldwide.  3 in 5 children have some degree of jaundice and in 12% of babies the condition is severe enough that it requires treatment.  Without timely treatment, a baby with severe jaundice may sustain brain damage or die.


Brilliance, the most affordably priced phototherapy device available to treat severe jaundice in the most resource limited hospitals. 


Lead Product Designer & User Researcher

Working with D-Rev's perviously developed LED technology to treat neonatal jaundice, I worked as the Product Design Lead in Chennai, India to lead user research and first round prototype manufacturing with D-Rev's Indian manufacturing partner, Phoenix Medical Systems.  


Design Thinking, Contextual Inquiries, Expert Interviews, Synthesis & Analysis, Brainstorming, Sketching, Prototyping, Rendering, Manufacturing Negotiations  

RESULTS (last updated 2/2017)

  • Brilliance was released on the market in Q4 of 2012
  • Brilliance is now available in 20 countries
  • 226,400 babies have been treated 
  • 3,000+ newborn death have been averted 

To learn more about Brilliance, visit D'Rev's site here.