Our cooking kits were developed as a result of our cooking classes with the mission to spread culture through food, but also to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to cook authentic ethnic cuisine at home.  


We made it possible for people throughout the US to be able to experience a foreign culture intimately: through the diverse people and cultures that exist here in the US - ingredients, recipes & story from around the world.  Each kit featured a different Culture Kitchen Master Cook, fed 4-6 people and contained:

  1. All the hard-to-find ingredients in the exact quantities needed
  2. Three recipes with step-by-step directions, helpful photos and a comprehensive shopping list for fresh items and pantry staples
  3. Personal stories from our unique Master Cooks, as well as tips & tricks cultivated from a lifetime of practice


Product Development Lead (User Research & Product Design)


Service Design, Design Thinking, In-home Visits, Expert Interviews, Contextual Observation, Usability Testing, Video Diaries, Analysis & Synthesis, Brainstorming, Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Creative Operations Management, Wearing of Many Hats


  • Press: FastCompanyBonAppetitTastingTableDailyCandyVenturebeatDesign*Sponge
  • Awards: Stanford University BASES Social Entrepreneurship Runner-Up, 500 Startups Summer 2011 Accelerator Batch, The Designer Fund Inaugural Class
  • In 8 months, developed 8 kits shipping to 40+ States.  
  • Used lean research techniques to develop a Culture Kitchen Ambassador following of 40 people around the country, on-call to test trial cooking kits with video and photo diaries.
  • Through Kickstarter, engaged an audience pledging $37K towards our cooking kit concept. Watch our Kickstarter video here.  
  • On-boarded 18 cooks representing 14 countries.
  • Developed a handful of videos paired with kits which reached thousands of global views .
  • Taught thousands of people throughout the US to cook amazing ethnic meals.  With both our kits and cooking classes we empowered both our instructors and students resulting in great confidence changes with both.