Affordably help farmers reduce risk and cost of disease from poor sanitation practices.


Fertiloo is an out-of-the-box, ultra-cheap compost latrine designed for rural Kenyan farmers. 

Our compost latrine concept featured a hexagonal rollable shape and a urine diversion collection system which allows famers to not only divert dangerous pathogens from entering their water supply, but also provides a way to dilute urine for fertilization in addition to rich solid waste fertilization from the latrine itself (within 4-6 months time).


Product Designer.

This project was developed in Stanford University's d.school class Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability with partner organization Nuru International.  I collaborated with two MBA candidates, an Engineering PhD candidate and another MFA in Design candidate on this project.  


Design Research, Design Strategy, Product Design, Service Design, In-home Visits, Expert Interviews, Contextual Inquiries, Prototype Testing, Synthesis & Analysis, Brainstorming, Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Sketching

After initial industry research, I traveled to Isibania, Kenya for an immersive two weeks of field research with our partner organization.  I developed discussion guides, lead field research interviews, and identified key insights to guide brainstorm sessions and early concept generation.  After debriefing our team on our research findings and areas for concept development, we developed concepts, prototypes and a detailed plan for testing a hexagonal compost latrine.  


  • Final design could be manufactured for less than $100.  
  • The Fertiloo’s compost removes the need to purchase fertilizer.  For families who purchase top soil and fertilizer for their farms, the Fertiloo would pay for itself within 18 months.  
  • The Fertiloo would improve sanitary conditions for the family and therefore reduce health care costs as a result of poor sanitary conditions.