I find inspiration in people, the great outdoors, traveling and food.  

Often these four things fill my Instagram feed.

The work you do is a choice and the workplace environment, that in which you surround yourself with daily, is incredibly important.  I look for environments created by people who inspire me and help me to reach my fullest potential with the hope that I do the same for them.  

I live my life by a set of values and look for a workplaces that embodies these same values: 

IMPROVE THE WORLD.  I believe in creating thoughtful, beautiful and impactful products that positively change the world.

WE INSPIRE EACH OTHER.  I expect to be inspired by my coworkers.  I believe it's more important who you work with rather than what you work on.  While I could never work on something I don't believe in, I believe the environment that a team creates will ultimately decide the potential of a company.  I'm excited to be a part of teams that are focused on creating positive, no-nonsense cultures dedicated to constant iteration and improvement. 

COLLABORATION.  I'm a people person and thrive on interaction with others.  The best part of getting to work around smart people is getting to noodle with them.  While it's important to feel ownership over portions of a project, I believe that great design comes from the meeting of many minds and the iterations they can work through together.

EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENTI'm happiest in environments where I am constantly challenged to learn and I learn best by doing.  I look for environments that encourage creativity by exploration rather than routine.  

CURIOUS & CREATIVE.  I'm a maker.  It's in my blood to build.  Since I could stand, I have been working with my hands.  Building is a meditative exercise I continue to work at in my spare time.  The following are a selection of projects I've made by hand (& some trips I've taken), just for fun.