I believe the most successful products are founded on a deep understanding of the customers you are serving. I help companies uncover latent and unmet customer needs through ethnographic research studies, translating insights into opportunity areas balancing customer needs, competitive landscape, and team capabilities, translated into strategic roadmaps for staged growth. In addition to helping teams to define and validate product opportunity areas, I also help to expand or refocus existing products’ target customers. 

Having lead product development within corporations, startups, and as a founder, I bring nimbleness, adaptability and poise to every project. I am an expert in applying human-centered design methodologies to help companies get to tangible products and services that have deep resonance with customers. I help teams get to the best ideas faster, validating concepts with target customers and reducing risk by translating customer insights into informed design criteria that guide product strategy. With any project, I focus on understanding each client’s unique perspective, balancing speed with rigor, and blending strategy with adaptability.


---Consulting, Facilitating, Coaching, and Training

• Problem Framing/Needs Analysis/Organizational Assessment

• Ethnographic/Design Research

• Brainstorming/Ideation

• Qualitative Data Synthesis/Analysis

• Prototyping & Prototype Testing

• Reframing/Pivoting/Consensus Building

• Launches/Implementation

• Design Team Composition & Training