Design and deliver an incredibly simple iOS app that allows anyone to host their own food show, right from the palm of their hand.


Think, Yelp meets Vine: 1-minute video, restaurant reviews. 

A do-it yourself video app that allows anyone to create videos with pre-fab music, filters, and fonts, to turn your favorite restaurants into bite-sized motion pictures.


Mobile Product Manager & Design Strategist


  • Lead team through app beta and product launch
  • Developed process for identifying, on-boarding, & engaging content creators
  • Defined product roadmap 
  • Translated user needs into product features & optimized product
  • Developed a system for gathering customer feedback & building feedback into roadmap


The app made it possible for Tastemade identify top aspiring food show hosts across the globe and seeded a partnership with Ryan Seacrest to develop food and lifestyle digital programming.

The Tastemade App has been Featured by Apple in the iTunes store and written about by Techcrunch, Forbes, Venture Beat, Gigaom, The Huffington Post, Food Tech + Connect and more.

"Vine, Meets Instagram, Meet YouTube and Create."  -Wired

"The concept is as brilliant as it is simple."  -Inside Mobile Apps

"Tastemade turns everyone into a food TV star."  -MacWorld


The Tastemade App featured here, launched in iTunes Q4 2013.  In 2015, the Tastemade app pivoted the app offering to feature food, travel and recipe content from the Tastemade digital network.