Legacy Product 


Weight Watchers, eCommerce site & fulfillment maintained by FreshRealm.

Weight Watchers (WW) offers various products and services to assist people, mostly women, with weight loss and maintenance.  WW was founded in 1963, operates in 30+ countries and most recently is know for celebrity spokeswomen and shareholder, Oprah Winfrey.  


  • Help current WW members with their ongoing weight loss and maintenance goals by offering weekly prepared food delivery.
  • Acquire new, younger members by leading the weight loss industry in offering fresh, never frozen, meal delivery to support behavior change for healthier lifestyles.


An eCommerce offering making it easy for WW members to sign up for and manage a weekly delivery of prepared meals, always fresh, never frozen.


4.5 months:

  • Product Validation & Bug fixes (4 weeks), introducing user research to validate product while also handling bug fixes from the previously released closed beta
  • Implementation Phase 1 (2.5 months), first release of new UX, including code refactor & enablement of FreshRealm Product & Engineering teams to follow human-centered, lean and agile process.
  • Implementation Phase 2 (1 month), UX polish and improved system monitoring functionality


1 Product Management & Product Design Coach [me]

1 Product Manager

1 Product Designer

3-4 Software Engineers

1 Contract Lead Software Engineer

1-3 Contract Software Engineers


Hybrid Exploratory & Evaluative user research; Usability testing; Planning & facilitation of user sessions; Synthesis & Analysis; Design research teaching & mentoring; Findings presentation; Brainstorming; Sketching; Wireframing; Prototyping; Product Management & Product Design coaching


  • User Experience Improvements:
    • Developed a landing page to communicate the product value.  Previously, no landing page existed. 
    • Saw above average conversion of online WW members exposed to the product for the first time (2% conversion)
    • Simplified user flow by reducing a 10 page sign up and order management flow to 4 pages.  Usability testing showed members intuitively and happily following the simplified flow.
  • Reduced customer service calls regarding UX and Tech issues from 30% to 7% of call volume.  Overall call volume significantly reduced.
  • Improved average LTV from 3 deliveries to 5 deliveries per customer on average.
  • Through this project, established a Product team for the eCommerce business unit by hiring a Product Manager and training a junior Product Designer to follow human-centered design process applied to agile process.
  • Templatized a meal plan product that can be re-skinned for other partner brands to grow product sales and revenue.
  • By refining team process through improved cross-discipline collaboration (PM, PD, Eng), decreased bug rate from 38% to 11%, allowing team to spend more time developing features to ultimately deliver business value.
Legacy Landing Page

Legacy Landing Page

ReDesigned Landing Page  _________________________________________________________________________________________

ReDesigned Landing Page


Legacy Upcoming Order Page

Legacy Upcoming Order Page

ReDesigned Upcoming Orders Page   _________________________________________________________________________________________

ReDesigned Upcoming Orders Page


Legacy Meal Selection Page

Legacy Meal Selection Page

ReDesigned Meal Selection Page   _________________________________________________________________________________________

ReDesigned Meal Selection Page